Vision Statement

Angelic Watchman Mission Services is a spiritual movement led organization spreading Christianity to all others throughout the world because the Kingdom of God is advancing. We devote ourselves to prayer and immersion in his word so all others increase their hunger and knowledge of Jesus. Our Lord and Savior, Sanctifier, Healer is coming soon. The main objective is for our website to be one location for lost people and believers to know more about Jesus Christ and help them become fully devoted followers. Most of all we want everyone to be prepared for the Rapture.

We are called by Jesus Christ; we gather to praise, listen to him and respond. We love and care for one another as God’s people. We commit ourselves to serve and to tell others about Jesus. We nurture each other in faith and obedience to Christ. We pursue God's justice and peace in every area of life. We see unreached people trusting in Jesus Christ, becoming disciples, leaders, Missionaries and Pastors and reaching the remaining unreached people. We see churches being planted at the ends of the earth where Christ is treasured. His Word is being taught by well-trained indigenous Pastors, and people are being transformed by the power of God. We see nations being overturned by the love of Christ. We see things so wondrous they can’t be explained.

Habakkuk 1:5: King James Version (KJV): Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously: for I will work a work in your days which ye will not believe, though it be told you. 

Our objectives are spreading the good news of God’s kingdom and transform lives worldwide. We will do our best for everyone to be prepared for the Rapture. Jesus will first rapture Christians from this world so that they will escape the Great Tribulation occurring at the end of the age. Than in the Second Coming Jesus Christ returns in a visible advent to dispense his wrath on the world’s nations. At this time you would not want to be here and prepare to leave in the Rapture. 

As spiritually motivated mature disciples, we love Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior with all our hearts, souls, and minds and with all our strength. We also love our neighbors as ourselves. To demonstrate this two-fold love, we faithfully and intentionally commit ourselves to following Christ. 


  • Share the Good News about Jesus Christ through:        WITNESS
  • Praise Jesus Christ by:                                                                 WORSHIP
  • Interact with other believers of Jesus Christ through:  RELATIONSHIPS
  • Grow how to love and serve Jesus Christ through:        LEARNING
  • Act Out our gratitude to Jesus Christ through:                SERVICE

Guiding Principles for planning and carrying out our vision and mission: 

  • We will be focused on our mission to “make and mature disciples.”
  • We will be relevant to modern society.
  • We will be authentic to who and where we are.
  • We will be expectant that God will reward obedience.

As part of the body of Christ, we will be obedient to Jesus Christ and recognize his command to "...go and make disciples of all nations, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. God Bless You All, Amen, Hallelujah

Vision Statement

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